Lappeenrannan Energia: Buildie Provides Easy Data Sharing with Contractors and Lappeenranta City

Before taking Buildie in use in the water and district heating utilities of Lappeenrannan Energia, there was an everyday hazzle around receiving and sending emails and papers back and forth at the worksites. Buildie was evaluated right from the beginning so that it would benefit both counterparts. Later, Buildie also became a vital tool for joint ventures with Lappeenranta city.

– Buildie’s document management seemed to be a great product. It was useful that the latest data was always in Buildie and it is available for all stakeholders. We would not have anymore old plans or documents, nor would they be in various different places, recollects Ville Relander, the Constructor at the water utility of Lappeenrannan Energia, of his first thoughts about Buildie.

After an evaluation and pilot, Buildie was recognized to meet the documentation and quality management needs of both utilities.

– Buildie is used the same way also in the district heating. All the plans and materials of the projects are always found from Buildie, and we have also created some smaller network repair targets in it, tells Ami Kylliäinen, the Head of Networks at Lappeenrannan Energia.

When everything you need is right in your pocket – and the data is always with you no matter of your whereabouts

Even though the clearest benefit comes from the possibilities to maintain and share all the project related data easily with different stakeholders via Buildie’s document management, has Lappeenrannan Energia taken other features in efficient use as well. A particular pro is that people do not need to remember to carry any paper plans and folders with them anymore. One can trust that the latest plans are always available thanks to the Buildie app.

– It is so much easier to check the plans directly from your phone that how do the details go and if needed make fixes to the plans right at the worksite. It is just so much easier to check the plans quickly on the spot, tells Relander.

Everything you need is always available on your phone and the data is more easily within your reach.

Legal protection has made repair savings worth of tens of thousands of euros

Relander says that he checks the documented photographs daily. This way, he sees quickly what is happening on the worksites and the photographs are saved in the same place where all the other documents are located. Even though Relander & co. have taken photographs also before Buildie, the major difference to present is that the photographs go now automatically to their own specific folders. It is also easy to browse them afterwards. Even though it might be rare that you need to go back to check the photographs, the value of being able to do that can be significant. If you get involved in a conflict, it is vital to have evidence to support your side.

– There have been a few conflicts where we have needed to check the old photographs. We are talking about cases worth of tens of thousands of euros. And that the water utility is functioning, mentions Relander as we speak about the meaning of legal protection in documentation.

In addition to the photographic documentation, Lappeenrannan Energia manages also worksite diaries with Buildie and the diary notes are stored automatically in the right place so the contractors do not need to send or transfer them separately with USB sticks. Hence, the developer can check the documented photographs and worksite diary notes in real time when ever he wants to. He does not have to wait for the project to end nor check an enormous folder of the documents at once.

Lappeenrannan Energia manages the work safety measurements with Buildie through a tailored form. Kylliäinen operates also in the role of Safety Coordinator meaning that he is responsible for conducting the measurements.

– I make the audits for our projects with Buildie so there is always a mark left from the checkups, and the repair demands go directly to the contractors, says Kylliäinen.

Data is always easily available in joint ventures and projects

Lappeenrannan Energia has lots of joint projects with Lappeenranta city in which Energia is responsible for the water and district heating parts and the city is responsible for the streets and urban runoff. The counterparts use Buildie in their joint ventures and the most remarkable benefit comes from easy data sharing. All counterparts have always an access to the up-to-date data in real-time. In addition to the plans, everyone has also an access to the quality documentation and tests that are executed by the contractors.

– When the city is also involved in this, sharing and receiving data has become a lot easier and better, highlights Relander when talking about using Buildie in the joint ventures.

Both men say that they are very pleased with Buildie. Kylliäinen adds that in his role as Head of Networks, the biggest benefit comes from the big picture that the documentation demands are taken care properly: worksite monitoring and documentation, diary notes, how documentation and projects are done thanks to the photographic documentation.

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