Modern quality control brings benefits to the customer

Vision Infra’s customers can always follow the progress of the project in real time

Modern and innovative infrastructure construction

Vision Infra Oy is a modern and innovative company specializing in project management and site services in infrastructure projects. Their main focus is on demanding municipal engineering construction and renovation projects, for which they provide general contracting and management services for municipalities, businesses and contractors.

One of the most important cornerstones of Vision Infra’s operations is state-of-the-art quality documentation that enables the customer to monitor the progress of the project in real time.

Like Apple compared to other applications

Buildie enters the scene when it comes to modern quality documentation: Vision Infra Oy subscribed to Buildie already before the company was established.

“We wanted to be at the forefront of modern quality documentation and that is why using Buildie is an important part of our operations”, Eetu Mustonen, the CEO, says.

“We chose Buildie because it is simple and easy to use. Often, these types of applications have an engineering perspective and the end result is complex. Instead, Buildie focuses on being easy to use and functional for the builder and the developer.”

“You could say that Buildie, among other similar applications, is that functional and easy to use Apple”, Mustonen describes with a twinkle in his eye.

The most sought after partner and a skilled player

Vision Infra Oy operates in the Tampere and Tavastia region and their values include being the most sought after partner and skilled player in the industry. The founders of the company have a strong track record: one of the working shareholders has long been employed by the water utility and the other as a city master builder. Thanks to this, the developer perspective is also familiar.

“Buildie takes the documentation of construction sites to a whole new level, and our customers benefit greatly – we take a lot of photos of every work-step, thus all underground construction is completely transparent”, Mustonen says.

The photos are transferred directly to Buildie’s photo album, where they are visible to everyone by project and work-step.

Using Buildie saves time and money for all parties involved

“While executing work, we can talk to the supervisor with the help of Buildie’s photos, and they do not necessarily always have to visit the site physically. All paper exchange and signatures with the supervisor are handled electronically through Buildie”, Mustonen says.

In addition, the customer saves money when the underground structures are well known and photos can always be referred to without the ground being torn open.

“The systematic description of work-steps and effective quality control with Buildie saves time and money from all parties”, Mustonen sums up.

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