Buildie has created a new long-awaited function – see the images directly on a map!

Buildie has launched a new function, a map, that compliments the current album-based image listing and view. With the new map function, you can see effortlessly where images have been taken and how they are located geographically.

Alongside the map, we have created a new way to filter the images. Now you can search images based on who has taken them (a role or a person). This makes it easy to check how many images your employees, contractors or supervisors have taken.

Buildie map

The new function is beneficial for both the contractors and maintenance. In the maintenance the map function eases remarkably the work management. In addition, you will have a real-time information on all the maintenance tasks and history data from the whole time Buildie has been in use. You can also manage better the renewal construction work based on recognizing the areas that have constantly repair jobs.

In construction the map function is especially beneficial if a project is on sparsely populated area or geographically widespread. With the map function, you can easily follow how and where the project is going forward geographically. You can find directly the work phases and critical structures, and monitor how the documentation requirement is fulfilled in different locations. In addition, you can easily follow the documentation activity of different roles with the new search filtration.

Interested to learn more?

If you are a Buildie customer and you are interested in the new map function, please contact Joel Kallio for further discussions.

Buildie | Joel Kallio, sales manager

Joel Kallio
Key Account Manager
040 771 2403

If you do not have yet Buildie but you are interested in a digital worksite documentation tool and the new map function, please request a demo or additional information from Mitja Kuusisto.

Mitja Kuusisto
Sales Manager
050 300 4388