Buildie starts a cooperative business with Infrakit – an integration interface will contribute greatly to visibility of the documentation and infra structure projects

During autumn 2020, Buildie has agreed to start a cooperative business with Infrakit. Infrakit is specialized in information modelling in the infra structure construction industry.

The first phase is to create an integration interface between the software programs. The upcoming interface will enable an efficient data transfer between the programs in the infra structure projects of the joint customers of the two companies. The project data in Infrakit will be transferred automatically into Buildie’s documentation management and will be visible to its users. Infrakit is already Buildie’s third partner with whom the company is developing and rebuilding the documentation processes of the infra structure construction industry. Buildie has partnered up before already with Trimble and Keypro creating also integration interfaces with their software programs.

The integration between Infrakit and Buildie will make the work of the joint customers easier as they do not have to do manual data transfer nor record same data twice. This will ease, streamline and optimize the project documentation of the infra structure construction projects.

“We noticed constantly that our customers use both Buildie and Infrakit. Hence, our joint customers would benefit greatly if certain project data would move between the systems. At times, the customers must choose which program to use in projects to avoid overlaps. The integration will compliment both services. According to our vision, the interface will not be restricted to this description but we will continue developing the interface further according to our customers’ wishes and needs”, says Taneli Ristmeri, the CEO of Buildie.

The integration – what is it and what does it do?

The integration is an automatic data transfer system created technically between the software programs. The interface will not be applied automatically to everyone. It will be generated for customers who are interested to have one. Details will be agreed together. Creating the integration will be handled by the specialists of Buildie and Infrakit – the customer will not have to worry about the technical part. However, the technical description is available for viewing.

When the integration is established, the Buildie users will get an Infrakit folder in the documentation management. The folder will collect automatically the project data of the relevant project item in Infrakit. This way the Buildie users will have an easy access to the project data that is originally stored in Infrakit. The user rights of the Infrakit folder in Buildie’s project management can be managed the same way as in other cases.

Are you interested to be among the first ones and acquire the integration interface between Infrakit and Buildie?

At the end of 2020, we will begin with pilot projects and if you are interested to be among the first ones to take the advantage to create the interface between the programs, please contact us.

If you are a Buildie customer and you are interested to have an integration interface to Infrakit, please contact Joel Kallio.

Buildie | Joel Kallio, sales manager

Joel Kallio
Key Account Manager
040 771 2403

If you do not have yet Buildie but you are interested in a digital worksite documentation tool and possible integration to Infrakit, please request a demo or additional information from Mitja Kuusisto.

Mitja Kuusisto
Sales Manager
050 300 4388