Buildie supports remote site monitoring

Remote solutions are in place in a corona virus pandemic. With the help of Buildie, unnecessary contacts are also avoided in the construction industry when site monitoring is carried out remotely.

We are currently experiencing exceptional times. Many of Buildie’s customers have said they cannot go to the office or even to the construction site right now. Teleworking and site monitoring may sound like an impossible equation, but it is not.

Buildie plays an important role in quality control and documentation of many construction sites already under normal conditions, but in an exceptional situation such as this one, Buildie’s role is further emphasized. Unnecessary site visits can be avoided by monitoring projects in Buildie and instructing those working on the site to carry out quality documentation.

– Due to the exceptional circumstances, site meetings are held remotely and site visits are limited. For us, the exceptional circumstances have not caused a significant change, as all documentation and quality control is done with Buildie. We have had good luck since Buildie was commissioned even before the exceptional circumstances and the new digital operating model is part of the routine. Many actors have faced day-to-day challenges if digital solutions have not been utilized in quality control and documentation before, says Jukka-Pekka Raja-Aho, Foreman of Municipal Engineering Services of the City of Vaasa.

Remote inspection of the site is done by photographing and recording the changes in Buildie’s worksite diary

If deviations have traditionally required a site visit, they can now be checked remotely by photographing and recording the changes in the worksite diary. This is how it works:

1. The contractor photographs the deviation with Buildie and describes in the caption the type of deviation and change to be accepted, work-step, or additional work. A specified location is used for the photo.

2. The contractor writes a more detailed description of the change or additional work in Buildie’s worksite diary.

3. The contractor calls the developer or supervisor from the site, who then accepts the deviation. The parties will discuss the changes over the phone. Discussion is facilitated when, at the same time, site photos can be browsed in Buildie either by phone or computer.

4. The developer or supervisor acknowledges the changes to the worksite diary as approved, after which the diary can be locked by both parties. That’s it!

Buildie’s new forms feature brings more relief for remote site monitoring. The remote inspection report can be accompanied by the subject of the remote inspection, text with speech recognition, location data and address, photographs and attachments, as well as a signature, making remote monitoring even more straightforward. The remote inspection reports are available to all Buildie users who have subscribed to the forms feature.

Cheers and good luck for exceptional day-to-day life

While remote inspection is a great way to handle site quality control, we hope these exceptional circumstances will soon be over. Buildie stands firmly on its feet, and as we builders know: there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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