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Imagine you had everything you need for site documentation
in one application.

Document Management

Buildie is the easiest-to-use document management on the market that works on mobile devices and web browser. As our customer, you can open an unlimited number of projects in your document management independently. In addition, you can create the appropriate folder structure for each project according to the project needs.

  • Manage location-independent content on your mobile device, wherever you are
  • Photos, worksite diaries, work safety measurements, documents and reports automatically distributed to folders
  • One-click download of project bank contents in JPG, PDF and PNG formats, named in a ready-made folder structure.

Worksite diary

Buildie worksite diary can be filled out with a mobile device or web browser. Buildie worksite diary can be filled out at the construction site with speech recognition that facilitates real time documentation. The contents of the diary, order of the fields, and the access rights are completely customizable.

  • Can be filled out at the construction site with speech recognition
  • Weather conditions automatically from the weather service
  • Daily photos automatically attached to the diary
  • Electronic signature

Work safety measurement

Buildie’s work safety measurement is a tool that allows you to perform a wide variety of measurements on the site by using your mobile device. You can customize a variety of meters that can be filled out by all parties on site. Measurements constitute an index of the development of measurable subjects during the project automatically.

  • Measurable subjects customizable by the customer
  • work safety index of the site is automatically constituted
  • Reports can be forwarded in PDF format

Photography documentation

Buildie is the first application on the market for systematic photography documentation of construction. Buildie attaches all relevant information to the photos and organizes them into a cloud-friendly, easy-to-browse and searchable format. Photos can be transferred using integrations to, for example, network information systems.

Photo information:

  • Caption
  • Complete folder structure, project and work-step
  • Worker information
  • Verified timestamp
  • GPS location


With Buildie, you can create hundreds of different forms. Forms can be filled out with a mobile device or web browser. Our objective is to completely give up using hand-filled forms on site.

  • Extensive editing capabilities: Attach photos, location information, text fields with speech recognition, finger signatures, and drop-down menus in reports
  • Machinery acceptance form, additional work report, deviation report, safety observations, orientation form, etc.
  • Fill out the form by phone on site and it automatically transfers to the desired folder in document management
  • Reports and forms can be forwarded in PDF format

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