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Document management, worksite diary, photos, work safety measurements and forms
– Everything you need for construction site documentation

We made documentation quick and easy!

Comprehensive documentation can ensure the quality of construction. The contractor must carry out self-monitoring, in which the developer is involved in monitoring the quality of work. However, performing this type of documentation is challenging and slow to execute and has not been effective in the past.

We developed Buildie to make documentation quick and easy. This allows the developer to require extensive documentation at the site and to monitor the quality of work one work- step at a time. When the developer knows what is happening on the site, the quality of work is realized.

We want to replace old and well-established practices with new proven methods that deliver high quality construction on developer terms.

Benefits of Buildie

Documentation before

1. The developer defines the matters and work-steps to be documented in the project
2. The contractor documents the project in varying ways
3. The contractor collects the material from their workers
4. For example, material saving, naming of photos and distributing to folders
5. Compiling the quality folder
6. Transferring the data to external memory
7. Handing over the material to the developer
8. Review and approval of the material
9. Repeat until quality folder is accepted or contractual penalty for lack of material

Documentation with Buildie

1. The developer defines the work-steps to be documented and adds the contractor to Buildie
2. All parties document the project in Buildie
3. The developer monitors the progress of the project and the site events
4. At the end of the project, the material is already in Buildie in accordance with the developer requirements

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